Airfoil Fume Hoods

Airfoil Bypass Hoods - have a double bypass to provide constant exhaust volume and limit changes in face velocity. The upper bypass functions automatically with the raising and lowering of the sash. The lower bypass provides a continuous air sweep of the work surface. When hood top enclosures are used, a bypass grille must bespecified. (visit catalog pages 6 & 7)

Airfoil Variable Air Volume - (VAV) Hoods are designed to be used with exhaust control systems provided by other manufacturers. In lieu of an upper bypass the VAV Hood has a lintel which restricts the air intake of the Hood to the sash opening and lower bypass. The commercially available exhaust control system will detect the movement of the sash and adjust the volume of air required to maintain a constant face velocity. Factory mounting of the exhaust controls is available when specified. (visit catalog pages 8 & 9)

Airfoil Add Air Hoods - provide up to 70% of the Hood exhaust requirements. With a bypass similar to the Airfoil Bypass Hood, outside air is introduced through the add air plenum, thus minimizing the amount of conditioned room air required. When outside temperatures are extreme, it may be necessary to temper the incoming air. (visit catalog pages 10 &11)

Duralab's ADA Fume Hood - is designed to meet the unique needs of wheelchair operators. The ADA Fume Hood delivers all the features and capabilities of our standard Fume Hood line with special accommodations built in to meet the specifi c requirements needed to provide a safe work site for wheelchair operators. (visit catalog pages 12 &13)

Airfoil Radio Isotope Fume Hoods - have a stainless steel lining and work surface with coved corners that facilitate thorough cleaning and a reinforced countertop to support lead bricks, are some of the features incorporated into the Radio Isotope Hood. These features will help to insure operator safety and convenience in procedures that involve the use and handling of radioactive materials. (visit catalog pages14 & 15)

Airfoil Perchloric Acid Fume Hoods - This Fume Hood is specifi cally designed for the use of perchloric acid. A coved stainless steel liner with integral work surface, an internal water wash down system and water collection trough provide for detailed cleaning of the Hood interior. In addition, the interior baffl es are also removable for cleaning to prevent the dangerous build-up of perchlorates.
(visitcatalog pages 16 & 17)

Airfoil Low Bench & Walk-In Fume Hoods - Large appratus or complex set-ups may require the use of a Fume Hood specifically designed to meet these requirements. The Duralab Low Bench Fume Hood is supported by an 18" high table and has an interior height of 63 3/4". The Walk-In Fume Hood has two vertical rising sash that allow you to roll in large equipment or portable work stations.

Airfoil Low Bench & Walk-In Assemblies - Standard Fume Hood sizes are each available as a complete assembly. Detailed information on countertops and service fixtures is shown on pages 28 & 29.

The Duralab Thin Wall Fume Hood - provides an excellentlow cost means of exhausting high heat loads and nonhazardous fumes. The Thin Wall design allows for maximum interior work area and is well suited for installation on any counter of 30" depth. (visit catalog pages 20 & 21)

The Duralab Demonstration Fume Hoods feature dual access sashes and offer a clear, unobstructed view of the Hood interior. (visit catalog page 22)

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Airfoil Fume Hoods